Loren Loves is a Black woman owned and operated company. As a Los Angeles native, I enjoy the process of creation-from development to planning to executing my ideas. As I transitioned into a new role as a military wife, I knew I'd need an outlet; candle and soap making were right up my alley! This, coupled with my renewed interest in spirituality, yoga and meditation, allowed me to turn my hobby into a business, one that I'm proud to share with you.

After graduating from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia and finishing at Los Angeles Trade Technical College's culinary program, I realized that I needed to pursue my passion of creating and bringing something different to the world. As a chef, I was inspired to follow my dreams and delve into asking myself the BIG question: What is my favorite thing to do? Simply: to create. Being a creative allows me to bend the rules, shake up the community, and also show others that they can pursue their dreams at any age.

Loren Loves was created to help people realize that they too can find their power within. Thank you to everyone who believes in me and has supported me in the past, present and definitely the future.

One day, a portion of the proceeds, will be donated to pre-eclampsia, postpartum pre-eclampsia, Sickle Cell Awareness programs and Autism Speaks programs.