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Candles are made with coconut wax and clean fragrance oils.


Banana Nut Bread (Seasonal/ Special Request): Ah, banana nut bread! This scent smells just like my husband's home made banana nut bread! Every time I smell or even light this candle, I smile and just want to eat a couple of slices with my morning iced coffee. With traditional notes of banana, walnut, sugar and vanilla, allow Banana Nut Bread to transport you to the start of a happy Saturday morning!

Black Amber & Plum (Seasonal):  This is hands down my new favorite Fall scent and will definitely be yours too! Welcome Fall into your space with decadent notes of orange, clove, dark plum and cinnamon. Black Amber & Plum will wow your guests during the Fall season!

Cactus Flower Jade: Here’s a Springtime favorite! Allow happiness, brightness and all things floral into your home or workspace! This scent ties in notes of green leaves, agave and chrysanthemum together to welcome Spring which has arrived!

Caribbean Teakwood: Welcome to the Divine Masculine. Caribbean Teakwood brings in the warmth of patchouli, the earthiness of sandalwood, aged teakwood, and dark musk and the sweetness of amber together in this decadent candle.

Clean Cotton: Nothing like a fresh pile of laundry, right? This classic scent brings cotton, lemon, linen together with notes of sandalwood, powder and violet making a great relaxing vibe without all of the work!

Cocoa Butter Cashmere:  With notes of spices, vanilla tonka, coconut, jasmine, sandalwood, musk and cocoa butter, light Cocoa Butter Cashmere to make your Fall or Winter nights even cozier as you sip a cup of hot cocoa by the fire....or with the heater on!

Cucumber Water & Melon: A day at the spa is what we all need! This nice Summer scent combines fresh cucumber with honeydew, cantaloupe and bamboo for some extra greenery to brighten up your day!

Dragon’s Blood (Seasonal):If you love incense, you're going to love this scent! When I don't feel like burning incense, I light this candle and allow it to flow through my home. Dragon's Blood brings in notes of orange, cedar, patchouli, clove and tonka bean to create a world of depth and intrigue.

Egyptian Amber: Egyptian Amber will whisk you away to another world. With rich notes of jasmine, amber, musk and sandalwood, this scent is adored by both men and women equally.

Grapefruit & Mangosteen: Juicy, fruity and sweet are three things that come to mind with this amazing scent! Light this baby up to remind you why you love Spring and Summer time! Brighten your day with a blend of classic grapefruit, juicy mangosteen and hints of peach, mandarin and vanilla!

Himalayan Bamboo: Himalayan Bamboo is the perfect scent for Spring and Summer! This scent has been layered with the freshness of cucumber and green leaves, a touch of lime and the zest of bergamot making it a better choice those who prefer a lighter, floral scent!

Lavender: Lavender. A classic that will never fade away. If you want to relax and set the vibe to calm, cool and collected, this is the perfect scent for you. There's a hint of citrus and bit of woodsiness in there, too!

MacIntosh Apple (Seasonal): Nothing says "Hello Fall" like smelling fresh, crisp apples on a cool, Fall day. The leaves are changing and apple pies are being baked. This scent brings sweetness, freshness and Fall vibes to your home all year round.

Mahogany Teakwood: Meet Caribbean Teakwood's older brother! Y'all know when your partner has on that nice, subtle aftershave or their favorite cologne? That is the best to describe this decadent, sultry blend of spice, musk, vanilla and wood with a splash of rose and jasmine!

Margarita: Let this classical mix of tropical notes of guava, orange juice and lime whisk you away to the vacation in your head or favorite taco spot!

Mimosa & Mandarin: Brunch anyone?! The bubbly fruity cocktail that we all know and love will wow your guests, co-workers and significant others!

Oakmoss & Amber:  Oakmoss & Amber is a unique, masculine scent with notes of sage, amber, tonka bean, oakmoss and lavender. As you're walking on a trail in the cool, evening breeze, allow Oakmoss & Amber to guide you along your path.

Oatmeal & Honey:  Allow this sweet reminder of breakfast take you through your journey of childhood. The warm notes of creamy milk and golden honey will float through your space and invite all those who come in.

Peach: Summer just screams peach! Shoutout to my Georgia customers though! I hope I make you proud with this lovely mix of peach, vanilla and musk.

Plumeria: If you’re into florals, here’s another great floral scent. Plumeria draws in jasmine, guava, gardenia and wonderful plumeria to create this beauty.

Rose Petals: Picture this. You’re walking through a lovely rose garden and surrounded by roses of every colorespecially red. Rose Petals brings together rose, lily of the valley, carnation and ylang ylang for the ultimate rose scent.

Strawberry Guava: Where are all of the fellow 90’s babies? If you remember those lip glosses with the fruit on them, specifically the strawberry one, Strawberry Guava smells just like it! With notes of strawberry, guava, vanilla and sugar, let this scent take you all the way back!

Tobacco & Bayleaf: A deep masculine scent that allows you to take a trip through the woods and back with notes of bay leaf, fir needle, cedarwood, bergamot and tobacco.






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